Are you an owner of one of the 30 million small businesses in the USA?

Whether you have recently started a new business or you have a mature business, 2020 has been a real curveball for all of us. Both health and safety services and economic conditions continue to change meaning that it is more challenging than ever to run a business.

If you are looking to buy or sell a business, you need sound advice. Where do you turn for advice? Many turn to family or friends to benefit from their experience. If you’re looking for a quiet space for your business, visit this website:

Have you ever considered working with a business consultant?

If you are wondering what does a business consultant do? and how can they help you, why not read on to find out.

Business Consultants: What Do They Do?

A business consultant is a person that you hire on a temporary or permanent basis to provide insights into your business activities. Companies will most often hire consultants to help them to manage a transition of some kind.

These transitions could include:

  • Your acquisition of a business
  • Your selling of a business
  • Increasing staff skill levels
  • Reducing staff levels
  • Increasing staff levels

Consultants are far more than project managers. They are experienced professionals in your business area. They are aware of your goals and ambitions and work for your interests.

How can they benefit you and your business? Consider their typical roles.


When a business consultant first comes on board, they will undertake the “discovery” phase. During this time, their goal is to learn as much about your business, its goals, principles, and workflows as possible.

A good business consultant will meet all board members and many employees at different levels of the organization. They will take time to examine the financial situation of the company and any policy documents they may have.

Listening and observing are crucial steps that the consultant must complete before they provide any recommendations.

Evaluation Phase

The consultant will first gather data regarding the history of the business’s development and its current health. They will then take time to identify or evaluate what improvements they will recommend or how a transition can be made. Their goal is for this to take place with minimum friction.

Managements may have already identified potential issues that will need to be resolved. The business consultant will need to factor these in and consider potential solutions, for example if the company insolvency, the use of resources like a Business Insolvency Practitioner can be helpful with this.

Essentially the business consultant will have the goal of providing solutions that facilitate transitions. However doing this while maximizing the potential for further profits, efficiency, and growth.

Solution Development

The consultant will not shy away from noting problems and challenges. However, rather than characterizing them as flaws, they will translate them into opportunities. This will lead to immediate growth upon resolution.

As an example consider a company that has a strong sales department, but a weak marketing team. By identifying this early on in the process the consultant will be able to suggest solutions. Further, he will observe their implementation during their tenure.

It will be important to be able to explain and illustrate the implementation and benefits of solutions. Thus, it is vital that the lines of communication are open and clear between consultant and management.

How to Find a Business Consultant

Would you like a seasoned professional to analyze your business? Every business owner has the goal of increasing profitability and efficiency. How can you find a suitable consultant that will work for your circumstances?

The right business consultant will have the right blend of soft skills, hard skills, and professional experience.

As far as soft skills go, the consultant will need to have a strong drive and positive attitude. They will need to continue this drive until successful solutions can be found in any situation. Their drive for success will include the ability to examine details and organize even complex tasks.

Further to this, the consultant will be able to provide proof of their hard skills or industry abilities. In some cases, this will mean certification of their education,. In other cases, it will be a bulletproof portfolio with references that can be evaluated by your company.

Do They Have Experience?

Each business consultant will have extensive experience in addition to the requisite skill sets. Why is this important?

A person may have recently graduated from college with excellent results. However, do they have any experience in real-world business? Have they suffered loss and success and maintained their progress none-the-less? Do they have an established reputation?

For these reasons and more, include experience in your search terms for a potential consultant.

Is Their Experience Relevant?

Now drill further down to find a consultant with the necessary industry experience that will benefit your business.

You may be looking to shake up your management team. Thus having an experienced CEO with management experience may seem like the logical choice. However, which industries have the consultant worked in?

Take for example a company in the financial industry. Hiring a consultant with experience in education, agriculture or mining may have limited success.

However, now consider a chain of restaurants. They could benefit from hiring a consultant with catering experience. Perhaps the consultant started his career as a chef? The consultant would bring not only skills but relevant experience and possibly industry contacts to the company.

Look for consultants that have worked in industries with the closest resemblance to yours.

What Does a Business Consultant Do and Other Important Questions

Whether you are starting a business or looking to sell one, we all need solid guidance in the turbulent year of 2020. Economic conditions are constantly changing around us. A business consultant can help you to make decisions that will benefit you and your business.

If you have ever wondered “what does a business consultant do?”, you now know the answer and what they can do for you.

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